100 % CAR LOAN FOR ANY USED CARS                                                               


TELL US WHICH CAR YOU WANT                                                                                    

Send your document.                                                                                                                                             Approval from different banks so you will get the best                                              With in one-day maximum amount for soft approval
With in 2 to 3 days approval
With in 3 to 5 days, car will be on your doorstep
1 to 5 days all process will be completed
With salaam pack 100% car loan possible
Unlimited km warranty
Service contract
Emi profit start as per your documents.
Profit rate starting from 2.25
Minimum loan period for one year 12 month.
Maximum loan period for 5 years 60 month
First installment can be started after 4th month
Car loan from banks only with better profit rate
Approval from all major banks depend up on document
Islamic finance also available
Minimum salary should be 3000
Company minimum only one year or less
Can include all additional expense(on the road )
Insurance, registration, passing processing fee, Salic
extra fitting ,Rta fees etc insurance can be included .                                                   Tell us what you are looking for we can assist you                                                     call our agent for a better result.
We will not explore your details some one else
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